Lukphinong Trainers

Jose Rodrigues (Astro)


Astro is the Head Trainer/Owner at Lukphinong Muaythai Gym.


He has over 20+ years of experience in the sport and has been training students for 15+ years.

Astro is extremely enthusiastic and known for his intense workouts implementing military drills into his training regime.


Astro has trained up multiple State/National/International Champions.

Astro is also available for Private Sessions on bookings.

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Martinho Tchong


Martinho is a Trainer/Co-Founder here at Lukphinong Muaythai Gym.


Martinho has been training since the age of 10.


Martinho has a total of 15 fights with 12 wins. He has won National Titles and has a very aggressive style of fighting.


Martinho specializes in teaching strong explosive attacks and good technique.


Dante Rodrigues


Dante is a trainer here at Lukphinong Muaythai


Dante has been training since the age of 4


Dante has basically grown up in a gym training with his father Astro.

Dantes fight record stands at 11-4 with 8 TKO.

Dante Speaclises in his very own unique style mixing Dutch Kickboxing and Muaythai.

Dante is also available for Private Sessions on bookings.


Gianluca Pedrini

Gianluca is a trainer here at Lukphinong Muaythai.

Gianluca Pedrini began his career in Italy in the Palestra De Gym (Ex Yokkao Training Centre) trained by Master Diego Calzolari.


He started as an Amateur in 2007 and worked up to fighting Professionally ending his professional career in 2013 with a Pro record of 11 fights, 11 wins, 7 KOs.

Gianluca specialises in clinch and knee strikes and defensive techniques.


Le Tan

Le is a Fighter/Trainer here at Lukphinong Muaythai.

Le has been training Muaythai for 6 years under the watchful eyes of Astro and Trent and was Lukphinongs very 1st student.

Le had his 1st Professional bout after only 3 fights for the gym and has since progressed to being a Fighter/Trainer.


Le was awarded the NakMuay of the Year in 2018 and won the MTA State Championship Title in 2019.


Le Enjoys taking the time to go through the fundamentals while pushing his students beyond their capabilities.


Le is also available for Private Sessions on bookings.